What is the Mammarancia Experience?


A unique and enthralling journey through our lush Sicilian citrus groves.

Come and discover our citrus terraces, born of Sicilian agricultural culture and the need to make particularly steep terrain cultivable. The terraces are built in steep hilly or mountainous areas, with stone walls built of dry stone and resting on the living rock, which support the cultivated land by forming a sort of step that follows the altimetric curves (a cartographic element that shows the changes in altitude along a path or track). Places where the magic of citrus cultivation comes to life.
Together with our team, you will spend a few hours immersed in our countryside learning the secrets and techniques of citrus fruit harvesting, entirely done by hand in the ancient Sicilian tradition to ensure the highest possible quality.

Mammarancia puts respect for the environment first.

You will experience our passion for nature in the form of fully organic cultivation methods and irrigation systems that allow us to manage water sustainably. We will therefore tell you about the special features of the drip irrigation system, which makes it possible to save water resources by using the right amount for each tree
The Mammarancia Experience lasts about 3 hours during which you will discover all the details involved in caring for citrus trees: from how they are planted, to how they are pruned strictly by hand to maintain their health and strength, how pests and diseases that affect them are dealt with in a totally organic way, and finally the challenges that bad weather poses to them. You will also discover further details and curiosities, for example, how to determine the age of a tree.
Allow yourself to be surprised by the differences and characteristics of each citrus fruit type. This will allow you to discover the uniqueness of each citrus fruit and tree, to understand how attention to every detail makes each fruit a small work of art, and to understand what makes Sicilian citrus fruits unique. We will share with you anecdotes and curiosities about the Sicilian citrus-growing world: the differences between intensive and extensive farming, the peculiarities and soil properties of our citrus groves so close to the slopes of Etna, and much more!
Arancia Rossa Tarocco

Discover the real Mama of the Tarocco orange:

This unique orange variant originated in the Francofonte area. It derives from a mutation of the Sanguinello and was discovered by a farmer and trader named Gesualdo Denaro. The characteristic red colour of the Tarocco also depends on the temperature range between the heat of the daytime hours and the cold of the nighttime hours during the ripening period of the fruit.
You will breathe in the fresh air and the scent of citrus groves filled with lemon and orange blossoms, but above all you will get to know the people and the Family behind Mammarancia. Don't miss out on this unique experience, discover the Mammarancia world and join our family.
👉🏻 Are you ready for this journey? Get ready for an authentically Sicilian experience!
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